Friday, June 1, 2012

For Greater Glory: Mexico's Untold Story

I cannot wait to go see this film this weekend! This movie is based on true events and people during the persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920's (known as la Cristiada). My grandmother helped to teach catechism in secret and brought food to persecuted priests during this time. My grandfather and great uncles fought for the right to keep Catholic churches open and the right to openly practice their faith. My grandfather escaped execution by a firing squad, while my great uncles were martyred for their belief's. Go check out this movie and learn about this amazing part of Mexico's history that has for the most part been hidden until now!


  1. Susana hace tanto que no te leía, guau lo que dices que vivió tu familia que sorprendente que orgullo debes de sentir ahora veo porque correo por tus venas esa pasión por Cristo, que bendición para todas tus generaciones futuras, la pelicula esta hermosa, ya la vimos por acá, salidos Dios te Bendiga.

  2. Karla, bonito oir de ti! Me eh mantenido ocupada escibiendo para la compania Wee Believers, y tambien para la compania Catholic Child. Espero esten bien toda tu familia! Saludos y un gran abrazo!

  3. Hi Susana! How was the movie? I would have loved to go see it; we thought about one of us going with our oldest, but were advised against having him see it -- those who saw it said it was a bit too intense for a nine year old. In your opinion, what do you think? Would you take your older ones to see it?

  4. Did you see the movie? My kids would love to watch it, and I'm thinking that I'll go ahead and let the 9 and 10 year old's see it. It truly was not even half as violent as what really happened in real life! It was a good movie, but a lot was left out probably due to time, including that the persecutions continued well after the Cristiada had "ended".


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