Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Montessori Stamp Game!

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Jennifer over at Montessori Print Shop has just announced she is giving away FREE printable Montessori Stamp Games and instructions! I've used Jennifer's materials for homeschooling my 6 children over the years, and they are absolutely wonderful! Go take advantage of this great freebie now!: Free Stamp Game

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peace Begins at Home

From the Archives:
In our family, we believe peace education begins at home, and for us, Jesus is the supreme example for Peace education. Sometimes the children forget to treat each other with kindness, but a simple recalling of a parable, or from Jesus own life, brings a gentle reminder of how we can better treat one another. It isn't always easy. Remember, I have six children! However what does make things easier is that since the oldest was very little, my husband and I have both taken the time out to talk to the children. The little seeds planted then, make it easier for when situations arise now. They are able to stop, listen and think, and that really helps a lot. Sometimes I tell the children that our problems are so small compared to what is going on in the world. Just last night I was talking with the children about how we are so blessed and need to take the time to appreciate each other and use the gifts God has given us to do good. When we start practicing peace, kindness, and respect in the home, we can then take what we've learned and put it in practice to share with the rest of the world. Teaching the children that we are all connected and affect one another really strikes a chord with them.

 I like to tell the children to imagine us being like a big display of domino's, one touching another, and so on and so forth. In our day to day life, we may not see the bigger picture of the domino effect. We may only see the little, immediate things, and sometimes we may not even even see anything at all. I tell them that just because we can't always see the overall picture sometimes, doesn't mean that it's not there, or doesn't exist.

 As they sit there with intent little eyes, processing the information, thinking and digesting what I am telling them, I sometimes silently wonder, "Do they really understand?". Just the other day, as I wondered this, one of them looked up at me and said, "Yeah, I get it! If I'm nice to my brother and make a sacrifice to share my toy, then he'll be happy and maybe be nice to my sister and make her feel good, then she'll go out and smile at someone and make them feel good, and then they'll do something nice like open the door for someone, and then.. and then...". ..And then Mami feels good, and thinks to herself, "Yes, there is hope for this world, and it starts right here."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Showers Bring Mary Flowers!

I have a new guest post up at Catholic Child Catalog! My favorite product recommendation from Catholic Child Catalog for May is The Miracle of Life Rosary for Children. I cannot overstate how much I LOVE this CD. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Geared respectfully toward children, without any fluff, this CD helps to inspire a unique praying experience that the whole family will love! Does your family do anything special to honor Mary during the month of May?