Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank You!!!

Me, hubby, and baby #6.

Just a quick thanks to all of those who have been so loving and supportive to what has happened in regards to my domain name. is now a junk site designed to trick people into clicking their links. It is being run by the following:
  9654 W 131st St.
Executive Suite 411
Orland Park, IL 60464
Phone: (708) 254-6429

Please don't enable them and click their links at my former domain name. They want to use all of the links I built up over the years for their gain. They were very ruthless and insensitive towards me by insisting I pay thousands in return for my domain name.

Again, with 6 children and many needs to attend to. There is no way I could dive into the money my family needs to live on to re-purchase my domain name. Replace the broken fridge or buy back my domain name? You get the picture! ;)

I would appreciate you all out there spreading the word that my Blog is now located at and that is now a garbage dump! :)

In other news, please keep my mother in your prayers. She is in the hospital and we will be traveling to see her. I won't have much access to email, but please note that I will try to get back to you as I can.