Thursday, October 16, 2008

Entering the State Fair

Here is my 2nd oldest little one working on his submission for the state fair. On the entry form it asked if you would like to sell your work of art, so when I asked him if he would like to...

He says, "Yes, for six dollars."
Me: "Six dollars? Your big brother wants twelve for his."
Him: "Six dollars. That's it."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Because 5 and 1 make six Mami!"

So there you have it! Six dollars it is!

My two oldest boys wanted to submit to the State Fair coming up, so I took it as an opportunity for them to learn about the process of entering a submission. I had the oldest help read the rules of entering, and provided them with books containing a wide range of art ideas. They enjoyed flipping through them and were inspired to use various art mediums. One thing that was really cool was that my 6 year old decided to submit a picture done in wet chalk pastels and compared his "technique" and color scheme to Van Gogh! I thought it was so cute to hear him saying, "I'm using some of the colors Van Gogh used in his Cafe' painting and making texture with the wet chalk!" (Cafe Terrace at Night, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum). I really do enjoy the moments when I observe one of my children making a discovery for the first time or applying something they've learned. Those moments make me feel so privileged to be both their mami and educator. They remind me of the importance of observation and the importance of what Maria Montessori called, "the preparation of the teacher". In order to better observe your child and provide what they need, it is important that we take the time for the spiritual, physical, and mental preparation of ourselves. This way, we can be in tip top shape to create an environment that nurtures their eternal soul, growing bodies and absorbent minds.

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