Saturday, August 16, 2008

In the Land of Wonder and Miracles...

Once upon a time there was a Mami. She had 5 little angels she had to love and care for. She knew she was blessed that God had entrusted them to her, and thought long and hard about how she and Papi could bring them up best. She prayed, and prayed, and then prayed some more. Little by little, Her prayers were answered and miracles started happening. Papi took the plunge to work from home so he could help out more with our growing family's needs (Dr.'s appointements, sick days, etc..) . Mami was happy to have her lovely family together, but the future looked a bit uncertain. The angels were growing fast and needing food for their brain and for their souls. What was Mami to do? She loved Maria Montessori's take on nurturing and feeding the minds and hearts of the little one's, but Mami knew that sending the little angels to get a Montessori school would break the bank. Mami prayed and had faith that God would help her in this great task and journey, And... alas... it was granted. Mami never saw it coming, but little by little she encountered other soul's who would offer to help her and guide her and even provide materials, traning manuals, and one on one time with her and the dear little one's. "How could this be?", She asked herself. "Everything is just falling into place!", it could only be God. So to Him, Mami gives all praise and thanksgiving. To Him Mami offers up all her worries and sufferings. To Him, Mami gives her life to, that He may continue to help and guide her on the path to educating and guiding her little one's to Heaven. And so, our story begins.........

My name is Susana and I am the mother of five children ages six and under. Five boys and one baby girl :) I hope that you will come to enjoy my blog as I share my favorite "Montessori candy" with you, and share my journey as a Montessori home schooling mom as well. One of the things I'm very excited about is the Montessori record keeping system I've designed, which I hope to make available to you soon. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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  1. just found your blog this morning. i am praying for the same things. the closet montessori school to me is 45 minutes away, and i doubt we could afford it anyway - so i've just about decided to do it myself.

    i'm very much looking forward to all you have to share. i think i'm your first bloglines subscriber!



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