Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Montessori Parent

The following was taken from the AMS (American Montessori Society) website and is a short little guide to help us in using the Montessori method in the home:

As a parent you are a role model and teacher:
Know your child well
Be a patient observer and careful listener
Place your confidence in your child
Provide simple, safe and consistent rules encouraging your child to take responsibility and to contribute to his or her home and family.

As a parent you prepare your child's home:
Provide safety (physical & emotional)
Provide organization, consistency, a reliable routine
Prepare areas that are child sized — a place of her/his own
Provide your child age-appropriate responsibilities in your home
Provide "real life" experiences
Provide age-appropriate choices and opportunities to make positive decisions

As a parent you set the limits:
Offer protection from objects and ideas that can hurt
Always encourage your child to be capable and confident
Limit toys and games to a workable number (rotate toys)
Monitor television and other forms of media (inappropriate exposure can negatively affect social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth)
Develop consistent routines which encourage your child to develop self-control (self-control, responsible behavior and freedom are outcomes, not starting points)

As a parent you support and encourage your child:
Offer great possibilities for exploration in the home environment
Encourage children to do for themselves ("Let me do it myself!")
Encourage your child to be an active agent of his/her own education

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