Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Night Eye Candy...

The Montessori Prepared Environment 036, by sew liberated.

Meg over at Sew Liberated has so many great pictures of her Montessori journey in Mexico to share. I particularly like this little art setup here because it has a great view to the outside and it looks very inviting. She also provides us with the great idea of putting paint inside old elmers glue containers so that the children can squeeze out their own portions! Great idea Meg! You can follow her adventures in crafting and Montessori Here.

This is what she has to say about the above photo, posted on Flickr:
"Our painting station works quite well. To the left, you will see rolled-up, pre-cut-to-fit paper for the easel. Each roll is secured with one paper clip, which the child removes and places on a little plate on the small, pink "painting provisions table." The child then hangs up his paper. Then he can serve himself paint. Generally, we provide red, yellow, and blue paint, although right now we only have one color available because it's the beginning of the year. We use old Elmer's glue bottles, with the label rubbed off, so the child can serve himself paint. The child squeezes a bit of paint (we have a TINY little bowl for each color.) Now we have to options - you can use a paint brush, or a sponge with which to paint. I suggest changing the painting tools to keep the level of interest high. When the child is done, he hangs up his painting to dry, rinses off the paint brush and little bowl in the the pink bucket, dries them with the towel hanging on the right of the easel, and replaces the material so another child may paint. At the end of the day, one of the older children empties out the dirty water in the bucket and cleans the easel to prepare for the next school day. "


  1. Hi, I just happened upon your blog while searching for Montessori inspiration. I would love to see your record keeping system and any materials you have made.

    I also have five blessings under six (except I have three girls and two boys). It is so encouraging to know there are others on a similar journey with me.

  2. Cammie, thans for taking the time to comment! Congratulations on your five little blessings! It looks like we're in the same boat! :) I would love to share more about my record keeping system and more of my Montessori journey with you! Stay tuned....


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