Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Work in Progress...

Queen of Heaven Montessori Weekly Schedule

Monday: Open day: Field Trips, Library,

Daily Schedule: Tuesday-Friday

8:30 am – Prayer time and Hymn in Classroom

8:40 am – Sitting on the line we do:
-Calendar, weather, season
-Talk about Saint of the day, holiday, feast day, etc..

8:50 am
-Music and Movement with Papi (Dad)

9 :00 am – Start Work:
6 year old, 5 year old, 4 year old son's:
-Make new presentations and free choice of materials already presented.

11:45 am – Tidy up

11:50 am – Read story to children

12:00 am – Conclude primary & elementary school day with Angelus prayer

12:05 pm – Snack: Children help to make and serve small snack to hold them over for lunch. For example:Slice cheese for cheese and crackers, wash strawberries, core apples and serve peanut butter for dipping.

1:00 pm - Lunch

2:30 pm - Catholic living teatime

3:30 pm- Independant focus with elementary son

3:45 pm- Elementary son independent work

... This is a work in progress I am tweaking to fit the children's needs.

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