Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feast of St. Nicholas

Today we had quite an exciting begining! Papi and I were awoken to the sounds of our amazed children marveling at the tiny treats they found in their little shoes left by the fire place last night. They were so excited to see the little foil covered chocolates, candy cane, and tape. Tape? You ask? Yes, tape! :) Like the kind you wrap presents with! It seems these boys are never more content in this life than when they've got things like tape, rubber bands and yarn. What's funny is that they were not at all shocked that St. Nicholas had brought them something for being good little boys, but that St. Nicholas knew Papi liked Snickers bars and got him one ;) They just could not get over the fact that he actually knew!
After breakfast, the boys each got a different picture of St. Nicholas to color from and then our 6 year old read A Saint Nicholas Story to his brothers.

Jessica over at Shower of Roses had a great practical life activity for her children to do based on St. Nicholas. Her children made some St. Nicholas Hot Cocoa mix to give away to friends and family for Christmas. I think this is a wonderful idea and a great way to incorporate some Montessori practical life activities during this season of Advent. I know the children will be thrilled to do this! Thanks for the idea Jessica!

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  1. Hi Susana! It sounds like you had a wonderful feast! You know, I *loved* that St. Nick left tape! My boys would have been thrilled with receiving tape as well :) Thank you for linking to my post! I hope you and your children enjoy making the cocoa as much as we did! God Bless!


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