Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Color Tablets: Box 2

Here's a snapshot of my almost 3 year old son. For purposes of this blog, we'll just call him son #4. He loves working with the color tablets and can't wait to move on to box 3. Even I have trouble distinguishing some of the shades in box 3! The color tablets above were purchased at Montessori Outlet.

I'd love to share more pictures of our children in action and of our Montessori home setup, but it seems I am always having camera issues. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon!

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  1. Hello Susana,

    Could you kindly email me on pinkfeets@hotmail.com I couldn't find your email on the blog. I want to ask you about your experience with montessori outlet's materials... What else have you purchased from them? I want to buy some montessorial things, but i dont know whether to push myself and buy nienhus because i heard terrible reviews about any discounted place or just go ahead with outlet....

    what is the quality like and the feel?

    Thank you



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