Friday, September 4, 2009

Too much writing?

Here is an example from my 6 year olds daily journal from yesterday. It's a lot of writing and I'm having to help him. My 7 year old is starting to like the daily journal entries and becoming more self motivated. I wonder if this is too much writing though? The NAMC classroom guide I have suggested they keep a daily journal. I asked my friend Mary, who is a teacher, what she thought. I'll share her answer with you once she responds if you are curious.

6 year old:
Thursday, September 3, 2009
8:45-8:50 am
Prayer and Pledge
8:50-8:55 am
8:55-9:00 am
Worked on daily journal
Sat quietly
Presentation of minute sand timer
9:15-9:30 am
Decorated daily journal
9:30-9:32 am
Continued time line activity
9:32-9:35 am
Listened to 3rd day Creation story
9:35-9:52 am
Joined Diego in Bible Timeline cards activity
9:55-10:05 am
Colored pg. 2 in Genesis 1 book
10:05-10:12 am
Worked with Montessori small hexagon box
10:12-10:40 am
Worked with circles from Geometric cabinet.
Matched circles to solid, thick, and thin line cards in order of diameter
10:40-10:45 am
Worked on putting solar system cards in order of distance from the sun
Did matching extension activity.
Practiced reading names of the planets by myself
3-period lesson on recognizing: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth astronomy cards
3-period lesson on continent globe. Recognized location and name of all 7
11:03-11:05 am
Used continent puzzle map to name continents
11:05-11:20 am
Chose to look at book on North America
Listened to Mami read book on North America. Discussed North America. Decided to check out library book on Greenland.
Worked with phonics 3-part cards
Read HOP book #9 to Mami
Break for lunch and recess

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  1. I agree it is too much writing for a 6 year old. My 6 year old keeps a record, but we do planning up front to organize his day and then we check back in the next day to make sure he covered everything as planned.

    At the beginning of worktime we sit down with his planner, review the work from the day before (we have a six column planner with squares for subjects running vertically and days running horizontally), add any follow up work that was assigned but not completed, and then go through the next day. He chooses 1 language work, 1 math work, we write down any presentations I will be giving, and then he chooses 2-3 other works (depending on size/time involved in the works already on the list). Takes about 5 minutes or even less and it helps him organize his time, without creating a big burden on his time or energy.

    This might not make sense, but I am going to be posting his component of planning next week sometime if you want to stay tuned, so to speak!


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