Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please pray for Serena Rose Marie Priest

My comadre Amy just sent this information to me regarding her friends and their precious, newly adopted daughter Serena Rose:"The biggest joy in our lives arrived on Oct 1st. We have been in the middle of the adoption process for about one and a half years and on Oct 1st, we got the call that she was ours. Serena Rose Marie came home with us on October 4th.

She weighed 6lbs 2ozs, currently she weighs 15lbs 10 ozs. She is a beautiful baby, and as sweet as she can be. We love her so much. She truly is an angel, and we are so blessed.

On Nov 24th we took Serena for a CT scan of her head, and we have come to find out that she has been diagnosed with "hydranencephaly", which in a sense means, her brain did not fully develop during pregnancy.

Her challenges that lie ahead are unknown completely, as there are no two cases the same, we will take one step at a time. We love her so much and we are up for the challenges.

On December 23rd the adoption was finalized... what a perfect Christmas present!!!! On January 1st she was bapitzed... and
that makes her our own little Saint!!!!

Please keep Serena in your prayers, and pray with us that a miracle will happen. We are truly blessed with this beautiful little girl.

Love and Prayers,

Joe, Juliet and Serena

Juliet has set up a website for Serena. To find out more, please check it out here:

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