Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Montessori Materials Updated!

The children and I have been sick the last week and I've not been able to respond to some inquiries. Please be assured I will get back to you today. Thank you for your patience!

This is what is left. Please Check updated prices on some items.
Thanks! Materials will go to first paying customer.

Selling only to buyers in the U.S.A.
Please provide your zip code for a shipping quote when you email me.

Paypal is accepted & Items will go to first paying buyer.

You can reach me at: munequita4 at

Addition board with tiles & Subtraction board with tiles: $15
Used Condition

14- Wooden Thousand Cubes, 77- Wooden Hundred Squares, & 19- Plastic 10 bars: $15
The Hundred Squares come in to different styles. Some painted with brown spots,
some with black. The 10 bars come in 2 styles as well. 9 of one and 10 of the
other, but both gold color. These items are all used.


  1. can you post,send a pic of the landforms?

  2. Hola Susana! Disculpa que te escriba en esta entrada, pero no encontre otra forma. Me llamo Xhonane Olivas y yo tambien hago homeschooling bilingue. Me ha encantado tu blog y quiero felicitarte por tu creatividad y todo lo que compartes, gracias!!! Estoy fascinada con esto de los blog entre mamas homeschoolers!! Te invito a que visites el mio Yo me he enfocado a las ideas de como celebrar la fe en familia.

    Dios te bendiga!

  3. Aly,
    The landforms are gone. I appreciate your interest.
    Thanks for taking the time to write!

    Gracias por escribirme! Me encanta tu blog! Se lo pase a mis hermanas para que se inspiren tambien. Has hecho un muy buen trabajo, y espero visitarlo mas seguido.

    Hasta Pronto!


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