Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mi Vida Loca!

Hello everyone! I've gotten some comments and emails from some of you, and I apologize for taking so long to respond.

Life has been so very busy lately due to several reasons:

1. Spring marks the beginning of the busy season for our business. It only gets busier as the Summer approaches. My husband is a full time musician and in between schooling and trying to get dinner, etc.. I am his administrative assistant, answering calls and helping customers the best I can while he is out performing.

2. The week following Easter was a time of some sadness, frustration, and additional work loads in regards to the Montessori home school co-op. It's been a challenge to have to pick up slack and try and manage extra work, but God is helping me through it.

3. I'm pregnant, and boy does that slow me down!

Please be patient with me! I would love to write back to you and now that we just got an i-Pad, I just may be able to lay in bed (giving those swollen veins a good rest), while responding to my lovely readers. I truly appreciate all your comments, and am so very happy to help you in any way I can as far as advice on materials and my experiences with Montessori in the home.

Thank you all, and a BIG saludo y abrazo to the ladies from Mexico and Puerto Rico that have written to say hello.

God willing I will be back soon with a new blog post regarding my experience and advice doing Montessori in the home alone, and as a co-op with other moms and children.

Take Care and God Bless...

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  1. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I've -secretely- always wanted a 3rd child, but I find it a little too late for me now that I'm turning 40 this month. Oh, wow 40!!!(I'm not ashamed to say it, but not because I look young) Muchas bendiciones a ti y toda tu familia!
    Hugs from Puerto Rico!
    BTW, he had an 5.8 earthquake in PR. We were blessed by the Lord that so far no one has been hurt.


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