Friday, October 8, 2010

Montessori Materials Giveaway!

This Giveaway is Now Closed
So by now, many of you have heard most of my Montessori journey story. As you can recall in this post, I was very blessed to have come across many materials very inexpensively because of a wonderful Montessori teacher who was an answer to my prayers. I would love to "pay it forward" and have a little giveaway for my long time readers and new readers! I will be giving away a set of 5 Montessori Practical Life Dressing Frames to one lucky reader! These dressing frames are mine from Montessori Outlet, and since they are still in such nice condition, I will be passing on the love! I will be choosing one lucky reader at random, one week from now, on Friday, October 15, 2010.

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The giveaway will be closed at 1pm Mountain standard time on Friday, October 15 (that's next Friday!) and the lucky winner will be announced shortly after! So go and share the great news with some friends!
This Giveaway is Now Closed


  1. I just found your blog and am so glad I did! I'm a Catholic mom of two little ones about to start homeschooling my son (3 1/2) with a Montessori approach. I've been setting up a Montessori area in his room for school, but I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to gather all the materials. It's hard to know what's essential to purchase, and with a needy toddler and baby I just don't have time to make everything. I too was a teacher (almost ten years) and I think that's why I'm so keen on teaching my own kids. I'm not trained in Montessori, but I've read a lot and I think I can make it work in our home. I say that rather nervously, but we're going to see how it goes! I'll be eagerly following your blog from now on - so glad I came across it! I can use all the advice I can get, especially from another homeschooling mom. Since I have a near crawling baby, I could especially use advice on how to manage Montessori schooling with babies and toddlers around!
    God bless,
    Monica K.

  2. I'm a follower now. Congratulations on your new baby. And thank you for your generosity withthis giveaway. How exciting.
    I am a mom of 5 boys and a former Montessori teacher My older chdren all attend a lovely montessori school near our home but this fall I began homeschooling our youngest
    We are both enjoying it although I worry often and feel anxiety over whether I am doing it "right". This with training and years of head teaching before my children were born!!!
    I would love to see more of your home classroom environment and how you plan for each child
    thanks for all the Information
    Becky M.

  3. I am a follower and would like to read more on how you stay organized.

  4. I'm a follower!

    vwsmith (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. What a lovely blog! I've subscribed to you through Google Reader, I'm not sure if that's what you mean by following. I really liked your post on the materials, thanks!

  6. Okay, I'm not so good at following instructions. My email is yomalyita @

  7. i think this time i may be able to identify myself and my email address!...

    Hi i arrived at your blog through your montessoriswap yahoo group posting. i live in italy and am setting up a 'montessori room' in my house for homeschooling since there is no montessori school in my area. i work part-time so i need support and currently my daughter attends pre-school part-time but i'm trying to get help to keep her in a home environment full time. i am taking the worldwidemontessorionline course and am finding it to be a goldmine, especially in terms of activites to do at home using common objects i already have around the house, but it is also so complete that it is overwhelming! i also am overwhelmed by the montessori materials in general, mainly because i am trying to figure out which are the absolute must-have basic and traditional 3-6 items, since i can't afford just everything. unfortunately shipping costs from the US to europe can be prohibitive so my options are more limited. i'm considering ordering from china but there is a minimum order and so i am trying to save up. i'm now going to follow this blog which is very informative and am glad to have been lead to it!

  8. I am a follower now.

    Congratulations on your latest addition to the family. I would love if you could share how you display your classroom and how do you handle storage as well. :)

    - Jac

    jhplee /at/ hotmail /dot/ com

  9. I'm a follower. I've subscribed to your blog too for a while now. I can hardly survive with just two children so I admire your work with 6! I would love to see posts on your schoolroom and possibly some resources you use that are in Spanish.

    juliecerdas at gmail dot com

  10. I just became a member of the montessori group, hoping to get help and inspiration to guide my children here at home. That is how I discovered your blog, They are 17m, 3yo and 4yo. My daughter went to montessori school for 2 years now and I can no longer afford it. So I really need the support to be able to do it here at home.
    Your blog is amazing and I a so thankful to have found it. Finding resources like yours gives me the encouragement I need.

    Sabrina B.

  11. I'm a follower now, and I would love more ideas on practical tips on how to manage all of the lovely set ups of materials, organization (both on shelves and put away). As far as curriculum, I would love posts on Peace Education, group learning, and could you address philosophy on "pretend play"?
    I am a Head Start teacher in Vermont, and am not Montessori trained!

  12. Hello Susana,
    I am a new follower of your blog.I have been using Montessori approach for a wile and just started officially to home school my 3y.o daughter. What your beginners classroom look like?
    Our family is also bilingual ( Russian and English). And I would like to know more about your bilingual experience ( so far stress number 1 for me ). Thank you for your time:)

  13. I'm now a follower. We've been homeschooling for a couple years with 3 little people and one on the way. People ask me how I do it with all those ages and the littlest being "too young to work." Montessori makes it very simple. I always love reading about the harmony of different ages working together. (I'll be back to go through old posts when I have time.) Thanks for the giveaway and for the interesting blog:)

  14. Thanks for sharing this on the Montessori Swap group site! I'm so excited to have another Montessori parent to learn from!

  15. I am a newbie to your blog. I am also new to the world of Montessori. I'm just starting my research and gathering materials in preparation for homeschooling my two children, ages 4 and 3. I'm looking for info about where to begin. It's a bit overwhelming with all the resources/blogs/needed materials. I'm completely sold on the philosophy of it all and can't wait to get started.
    Tiffany U.

  16. I follow your blog in my google reader(hope that's ok). I'd like to see more information on peace education, as my 6 and 2 year old haven't been very peaceful lately :)

  17. I found your blog on montessori spanish, you have great resources! I'm now following too :) can't wait to look around more

  18. Hi,

    I just found your blog through the 4Real forums. : )

    I would love to read more about using Montessori with older children. I have a 2 year old and have found many great ideas for Montessori activities for her age, but would like to learn how to apply Montessori for my 7 year old too.

    Thanks for the contest. : ) Just added myself as a follower.

  19. I just subscribed. I'm excited to learn about how you have used Montessori in your home. I have a two year old and I am gathering ideas. The dressing frames would be fun - she is interested in snapping and zipping! I'd like to see what sorts of things you do with 2 and 3 year olds (I haven't poked around your site much yet) Thanks for posting this link on the Montessori swap group.
    Katie S.
    katie_2_haiti @

  20. I am officially a blog follower!

  21. Oh boy, directional fail on my part!
    Okay, I am a follower, and I posted your giveaway on my blog.

    Link to my post:


    I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog!

  22. I'm a follower and really enjoy reading how to encorporate Montessori principles for infants/babies.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  23. I am now following Montessori Candy. I would bring these materials to my sons school.

    R Capron

    r5186 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  24. I just found your blog through Montessori Swap (a Yahoo Group I belong to). I am furiously reading your posts and just signed up to follow. I have a three year old that just started Montessori and would love to make her home environment easier for her to be as independent as possible. Would love to see some more video demonstrations of materials and/or home environments (like kids bedrooms decorated on their level).
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!!

  25. Hi Susanna! I'm a Catholic, homeschooling mom of five (including a newborn). I've been reading your blog for several months and I'm now an "official" follower. Also started following you on Twitter! I would love to hear more how you balance schooling the older children with the younger around. I know the multi-age class is a hallmark of Montessori education, but it's proving quite difficult to put into practice. I'd rather not post my email address publicly, so if it's okay, I'll just include my twitter address and can be contacted that way.

    Jennifer T.

  26. i am subscribed to your blog and love it. i love reading about Montessori for little ones.

    thank you!

  27. I am a follower. I would like to read more about how you plan, pictures of the classroom, and how the co-op works.

    montessorispanish @

  28. Just stumbled upon your website while looking for some montessori materials.Will sign uo for the contest.
    montessori print shop is also is also having a free giveaway (delux CD ROM,2 disc collection) in case anyone is interested.

  29. I found your blog through Montessori Print Shop and I am now a follower! I have a 2 year old daughter and I am starting to collect and organize my Montessori materials to start teaching her. I would love to read more about how to use the materials and how to keep them organized and accessible.

    Anna A.

  30. Hi, I'm a new follower! I'm looking for ways to convert my small living room into a Montessori learning area!

    Adriennie H.


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