Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laminating Montessori Printed Materials

How do you laminate your Montessori Printables?

I used to go to a local store and pay 90 cents per foot, and then someone told me about the local public school system's teacher supply store. I was surprised to find that they allowed home educators to shop there and benefit from the great low prices. Instead of paying 90 cents per foot, I now only have to pay 25 cents per foot! They have a lot of other goodies really cheap there too, like printing paper, card stock, free use of their dies and die cut machines, and on and on.

If you haven't already, save yourself some money and call your local public school system to ask if they have something like this that you can take advantage of too!


  1. We discovered the same find last year! Ours is 30 cents a foot, but only in 6 foot increments... so, if you get 19 - 23 feet, it's the same cost as 18 feet! I LOVE this... and wholeheartedly believe its cheaper than purchasing a laminator!

  2. We take ours to Lakeshore Learning. I am really bad about remembering prices:-( They do give a discount if you sign up for their homeschool card (free program). Kerri

  3. I even wonder if the local school wouldn't let you come in once a week to laminate for free? I know our school has a "laminating" day where volunteers basically just laminate for teachers all day, yours would just be added in as long as it was "educational" stuff. We did have one lady who tried in have her "avon" stuff added in there on the slide :)


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