Monday, January 3, 2011

Organizing Montessori Materials: Montessori Printables

Have a some of Montessori Print Shop's Three Part Cards and other materials to print out? Evelyn, of 2 Pequenos Traviesos, has been so kind as to allow me to re-post her idea for organizing Montessori printable materials. She posted this article on her blog and has many more ideas to share regarding Montessori in the home over at her blog. Evelyn describes her blog as:

"A blog about 2 Little Rascals, 4 and 8 years old brothers, and Homeschooling, Bilingual Education (Spanish/English), Montessori, Arts and Crafts, Nature, Family Life, Catholic faith, Catechism of Good Shepherd and some CRAZINESS in between. We make our best effort in having an abundant life in HIM with a not so abundant budget."

Organizando Material.../ Organizing Material...
By Evelyn of 2 Pequenos Traviesos

Un lugar para cada cosa y cada cosa en su lugar...
Cómo me gustaría hacer honor a esta frase!
Pero mi historia es diferente aunque hago mi mejor esfuerzo por estar organizada.
A place for everything and everything in its place
How nice would it be to honor this phrase!
But I got a whole different story, although I make my best in being organized.

Así lucía la repisa de mi casa hasta hace unos días...
Just a couple of days ago, my buffet looked like this...
Afortunadamente, se me ocurrió darle uso a unas bandejas para organizar papeleo que tenía en la casa. Éstas estaban ocupando espacio y llenándose de polvo pero ahora tienen un gran propósito: organizar mi material Montessori impreso!
Fortunately, I thought of a couple of trays I had sitting around the house doing nothing, taking up space and picking up a huge amount of dust. Now, suddenly, these trays have a purpose in life: to organize all my Montessori printables!
TO CUT- Esta bandeja es para el material que necesito recortar antes de laminarse.

This tray is for the material that needs to be cut before getting laminated.

TO PASTE- Esta bandeja es para material que necesita pegarse sobre cartulina, o que necesita pega, antes de laminarse.

This tray is for the material that needs to be pasted on cardstock, or needs glue in some other way, before getting laminated.

TO LAMINATE- Esta es mi bandeja favorita! Aquí tengo el material completamente listo para laminarse.

This is my favorite tray! Here I keep the material that’s completely ready to get laminated.

TO CUT AGAIN- Todo aquél que ha laminado sabe que después de laminar hay que recortar. Para eso es esta bandeja.

Everyone who has laminated before knows that after laminating comes the cutting again.
This is what this tray is for.

Gracias Evelyn! Go ahead and stop by Evelyn's original blog post to say hello!


  1. Hi Susana,
    Thank you for both your best wishes and the plug for Montessori Print Shop in this post. I wish your family the greatest of health and peace for 2011.

  2. Thanks for featuring us over your lovely blog. I hope the ideas are useful to somebody out there. I'll be glad to read about other ideas as well. There is so much creativity in the blog world.
    Blessings, Peace and lots of hugs,


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