Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pencil Sharpening Heaven!

Check out the ClassMate Electric Pencil Sharpener by Staples! Our old pencil sharpener gave out on us and my husband just bought us this one. My favorite thing about it? You can turn the dial to sharpen various sizes of pencils! This even sharpens those lovely  JUMBO  pencils that are so great for the little one's to use! We are loving it!

As a practical life activity, you can set up a tray and have the children sharpen their pencils the "old school" way. They can sharpen the pencils over a little bowl and when they are all done they can toss the shavings in the trash. Just make sure you test out the old fashioned sharpener first to make sure it works properly before presenting the activity.

Do you use an electric or "old school" pencil sharpener in your home school?


  1. We most definitely use an electric sharpener! We paid dearly for it about 6 years ago ... but it runs like a work horse.

  2. Wow, 6years is pretty good! I hope this lasts us for many years to come too!


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