Monday, March 28, 2011

Montessori Education Supplies Review

Montessori Education Supplies is a new company offering  quality Montessori supplies for toddlers and up!  My family has been purchasing Montessori materials since about 2005, so I was very intrigued to find out there was a new supplier on the market. Recently, MES loaned me a few of their items to review. Since it is a new company, I wasn't familiar with their quality, but was quite pleased when the items they sent arrived. I received a set of knobless cylinders, a moveable alphabet, and constructive triangles to check out and test with the children. I was impressed with the beautiful quality of the items and the children wanted to use them right away!

 The knobless cylinders came in lovely strong boxes, and the colors on the cylinders themselves were attractive and glossy. I also really liked how the cylinders had a nice weight to them.


The constructive triangles were nice and consistent in quality. As you can see, my little one was really enjoying putting them together and even making some configurations of his own!

The moveable alphabet was also very nice and sturdy. I've had a couple of sets of moveable alphabets in the past and had problems with some of the letters coming apart. Montessori Education Supplies moveable alphabet seemed tough enough to be handled by the eager hands of little one's! Montessori Education Supplies carries various sizes and styles of letters. From cursive to print and small to large, you can even choose from a few different colors for the alphabet that best suites your needs. I personally prefer the traditional red consonants and blue vowels to the black ones they sent me.
Montessori Education Supplies is offering Montessori Candy Readers a FREE gift with your first order, plus 10% off your first order as well by entering code FIRST2011

Want  to find out more about Montessori Education Services? Check out their story below!


"The famous Montessori learning environments require carefully designed and scientifically developed teaching materials. Montessori educational supplies must be engaging and attractive to children, encouraging them to explore concepts deeply and comprehensively at their own pace.

When my Aunt Nilu was a Montessori teacher in Canada, she periodically brought home educational products that needed repair or needed to be enhanced. Because he had an engineering background, Uncle Andy was able to fix many of the damaged items and enhance them to be more functional. Before long, Uncle Andy started the business of supplying Montessori school products, making sure to source exceptional-quality products.

Several years ago, Uncle Andy wanted to expand his business supplying high-quality, durable Montessori teaching materials in the US. It’s not often that you find a business opportunity that is both rewarding and fun so we began our business, Montessori Education Supplies.

Since that time, we’ve made it our mission to offer US Montessori educators smart, engaging, durable products that my uncle would approve of. We look forward to forming long-lasting relationships with schools, individual teachers, home schools, and parents dedicated to helping children grow and learn with the Montessori philosophy.

We supply products in all the key Montessori categories: Toddlers, Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Geography, Botany, Zoology, and even include Real Life Cycles!"

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