Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Practical Life: Making Fruit Skewers

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Making fruit skewers is a fun and easy practical life activity that can be done in the home without any special Montessori materials.All my children (minus the baby!), were able to participate in this activity and their ages range from 8 to almost 3 years old. My toddler daughter enjoyed matching the pattern of fruits I laid out as an example and the older children loved being able to say they had made a healthy snack for us to eat and share with friends. Weather preschool or elementary age, your kids will love making these!

Such concentration!
To set this up, all you need is a few bowls, some fruit, and the skewers! You can lay out a pattern of fruits on a skewer for the children to copy, or if you like they can just experiment and try making fruit patterns of their own. Some of the fruits may need to be cut before placing on the skewer . If they are easy enough to cut with a small knife, the children can also help to prepare the fruit ahead of time. One example would be strawberries.
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  1. Great Post! I am presenting on food prep & Montessori at a conference Friday and this gives me yet another idea.


  2. Thank you Julie! I'd love to hear about your presentation. Let me know if you'd like to be do a guest post on the blog. I'd love to have you!

  3. Thanks Kerri! The kids had a lot of fun making these!

  4. Hello,
    What a wonderful idea!!! my 3 yrs old will definitely love it.I really like your blog thank you for contributing such ideas with us.I have subscribed to your blog and would love to get new updates from you :)
    Thanks and Regards

  5. Thank you Esha! I think it is a wonderful Practical Life activity too! Very easy, fun and delicious!

  6. Great idea. I love the photos of them checking each others progress. Lovely to see you at the Play Academy.


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