Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Moments Journal

Susanne at Beautiful Sun Montessori shares a lovely idea for creating what she calls a "Happy Moments Journal". Check it out!

This is one of those simple things that could be extremely valuable to me on those days that just don't go according to plan. Having a new baby to care for this school year has definitely brought the family together to cooperate, practice patience and most of all having charity for one another. Some days have been absolute pleasure, and then there are days like the one where I found pasta in the laundry machine!

Yesterday was one of the more challenging days. My 3 and 4 year old decided it would be fun to use paintbrushes to apply diaper rash cream all over our new bathroom sink. Why? I'm not sure I'll ever know! ;) It seemed that everyone was spilling one thing or another, and I just couldn't seem to get things done. At one point when we were dealing with a spaghetti sauce mess, I was like "ay, ay, ay!", and then of course the baby proceeds to spit up all over the floor! My husband and I just looked at each other and had to laugh! If not, I think we'd have been in tears :)

So thank you Susanne for your sweet idea for a Happy Moments Journal, I think it could be one of those things that will help make my outlook on the day be a little brighter. I'll go ahead and start with 3 things for today.

Happy Moments for Today
1. My 3 year old offered to share her dinner with her baby sister. It's the thought that counts!
2. My 4 year old found a simple and yummy dessert idea that my husband will love
3.My husband and I took a few minutes out of the day to just talk and have a good laugh
What have been your happy moments for today?


  1. I love this idea. The hardest part is actually remembering to do it. I started one last month, and i need to add more happy moments before I forget.


  2. The remembering can be the tricky part Heather! It's worth it though, even to just make mental notes of the happy moments as they occur throughout the day! ;)


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