Monday, April 11, 2011

Practical Life & Culture: Kids Cooking Dumplings

Today we'll be attending the Peking Acrobats show! It is an amazing show with live music, acrobats and performers. The acrobats are fantastic and the color and use of Chinese cultural symbols such as the dragon are real treat for the children to see.

A while back my friend Josephine, who is a Catholic convert from China, invited me over tea and steamed dumplings. She taught me how to make the dumplings and since then it has become a favorite dish in our home! The kids thought it would be great to learn how to make the steamed dumplings themselves and brought up the fact that it would be perfect since we had been studying 3 part cards of Asian food and would be attending the Peking Acrobats show soon. Sure enough, it turned out to be a great dish for them to cook, along with instant white rice and stir fry consisting of mainly broccoli slaw, carrots and noodles. Check out the photos below!

Won ton Wraps
Mixing the ground pork and scallions
Seasoning the mixture with salt and pepper

Placing the filling on the won ton wraps

Folding the wraps to form the dumplings

Here's the wrapped dumpling!

My 7 year old perched on a chair stirring the stir fry.
The dumplings all steamed and ready to eat!

One happy 8 year old cook ready to eat!
I love sharing these photos of my children cooking, and hope they inspire you to help your children explore the art and joy of cooking too! Have blog pictures of your children cooking in the kitchen? I'd love to see them! Feel free to share the link to your blog post in the comments section below.


  1. This looks good!I hope you enjoy the show.

  2. Sorry I forgot to share pictures of my little girl on action : )


  3. @Olives and Pickles: Thanks Patty! The show was awesome. Thank you for sharing your cooking links too! I checked them out and it's all your fault I want some carrot cake now!

  4. That looks absolutely delicious! I think you may have inspired one of our meals this week. :)

  5. Thank you Lori! It was delicious and definitely a favorite in our home!


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