Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome Catholic Child Catalog!

I am happy to announce a new sponsor at Montessori Candy! Catholic Child Catalog is celebrating their 15th year in business, providing quality books, cd's, movies and toys for children, with the convenience of one stop shopping! As we've seen with many great companies, Catholic Child Catalog also has connections in Montessori! Leanne's children have grown up attending Montessori school, so she is a seasoned Montessori parent who is very aware of the importance of providing children with well thought out and beautiful items.

One of the things I love about the website is how everything is categorized. With categories like Celebrating the Sacraments, Heroes with Halos, and Glad Tidings: Christmas and Easter, it is super easy to find what you are looking for.

First Holy Communion season is coming up! My 7 year old son will be making his First Holy Communion this May (God willing he passes his tests!), so I thought I'd share just a few of my favorite Catholic Child Catalog resources we use for preparation:

This very helpful book explains and gives examples on how to live out the 10 commandments

Absolutely beautiful allegory for children to learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus. This cd has brought tears to my eyes by making me reflect on my on relationship with Christ. This story is truly a gem to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sweet little book encouraging children to do small things that are pleasing to God in a big way!
This wonderful book is another allegory with beautiful illustrations that my children love to inspect closely. Each time we read it there is an "aha!" moment where the children understand more and more of the allegory. I just love it!
Beautiful audio story about the patron Saint of First Communicants! This one will also bring a tear to your eye with the story of a young girls faith of love for Jesus.

There are so many wonderful items that Catholic Child Catalog carries, I could be here all day! I am so happy to recommend them to you. Check them out and discover a treasure for the child in your life!

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