Monday, May 2, 2011

Age Appropriate Chores

Hello! I hope everyone had a great Easter week! I've been very blessed to be able to visit my mother and family these past two weeks, and unexpectedly got back to my home town of Chicago! It turns out that I will be helping my mother out for a couple of more weeks than I had anticipated. I am very happy to be able to spend time with her, especially since my fathers passing last summer, but this will also mean limited access to the Internet. Nonetheless, I will do my best to schedule some posts while at my sisters house down the road from my mom.

I wish I could post some pictures, because it is just absolutely lovely out here in the countryside! If I only had my mothers green thumb! Her flowers are so beautiful and thriving! I am going to try to take advantage and learn what I can from her while I have near. So far I've learned how to make a yummy chicken mole sauce out of ground up roasted pumpkin seeds. Mmmmm,Mmmm, good! The children have also been learning a lot and helping around the house. Yesterday the children helped to water the tomato plants and today they'll go help water the flowers and grass at the cemetary.

Homeschooling will continue with the language and math we've brought along, as well as with a lot of real life experiences here in the country.

Before I go, I want to share a couple of resources I found listing age appropriate chores for children. The lists span from toddler to teen, so I hope you find them useful!

Age appropriate chores: Link 1

Age appropriate chores: Link 2


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing the links!


  2. Thank you so much for these links! I've been trying to put together our chore chart and have been wondering what to include.

  3. I'm so glad you could find these useful! I'm taking note too :)

  4. I needed those because I want to make my boys more independent. Thanks for sharing those links!


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