Friday, May 27, 2011

Land Art for Kids

Land art is made by using found objects in nature. My children love making land art with seashells, twigs, flowers petals, stones, pine cones, the list goes on and on! Want to know more about land art? Here are a few blogs to get you started:
Land Art for Kids
Smiling Like Sunshine
Artful Adventures

No time to read, just want to get started? Challenge your kids to make a smiley face with rocks, stones, and anything else found outdoors. They'll probably want to make one and keep going. See what else they can come up with and enjoy!


  1. What a beautiful piece of art!
    Thanks for the inspiration & the links ;)

    p.s. I just added u to my 'Montessori Mamas + More' blogroll. x

  2. Thank you Amber! I'll go check out your new blog for sure! It looks fun and inspirational!


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