Monday, July 18, 2011

A Montessori Life

My daughter eating snack at a child size table and chair next to my kitchen.
Montessori inspired parenting has helped my husband and I become more attentive of our children's needs. We catch ourselves reflecting on how we can do things or say things better when it comes to our children. Our Catholic faith does this for us as well, and paired up with Montessori, we have seen amazing results in our family life, especially in regards to the children. Maria Montessori said,

 " Each child has their own distinctive spirit, as if they were a natural work of art"

These "little works of art" have been planted in my garden by God. I want to foster them and see them grow. I want to guide them, respect them, and see them take shape into the work of art that God has destined them to become. These "little works of art", may be feeding the world someday, either literally or figuratively, only God knows.As the parent, I want to see them blossom with respect for self and for others, love of God, and a joy and fulfillment in this blessing we call life. I am grateful that my faith, and inspiration in the Montessori method are helping me to see these children as "works of art in progress", and realize in my own journey, that I am a work in progress too.

Here are a couple of articles to help you apply Montessori in the home both inwardly and outwardly. May they inspire you in your journey:

by Eva Nislev


  1. Off to read those articles! Thank you :)

  2. Such a beautiful post! I love that our kids are little works of art! I love that! Our fait really does fit so well into the Montessori Method. I always feel like I have so far to go in see my kids with the eyes of God. Thank for the reminder!

  3. Racheous, I hope you find them helpful!

    Stephanie, I too need to remind myself that these little seedlings are on loan from our Great Creator. I only hope that I can cooperate with His will, and do so with the greatest love, charity, and patience possible :) It looks like you're doing great though! Keep up the good work.


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