Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank You!!!

I've been pulled from temporary retirement to share this sweet blog award given to me by both Natasa and Sasha! Thank you both!
The recipient is supposed to share 7 things about themselves, possibly 7 things you do not know, so here they go:
1. I hate going to the dentist! I used to try to distract my mom to look the other way whenever we passed his office as a little girl! Hated it then, hate it now!

2. I  LOVE  chocolate. Love it, love it, love it! I get a chocolate craving around 2-3pm everyday. My dad used to buy it by the box when I was a little girl, so it seems we always had some on hand1

3. I love design, especially graphic design, interior design, and event design (especially weddings!). I wish I had gone to school to study design (besides going to school for Montessori!). I love reading interior design blogs, and love looking for inspiration on wedding design blogs and am always trying out new graphic design techniques and styles. I hope to be able to take a course in both interior and graphic design soon.

3. If I could choose to have any trait, it would be creativity.

4. I would love  to "win" a  tv home make over.

5. The family and I went to Disneyland in 2007 and it was so much fun that I still dream about going back!

6. I would love to go on a riverboat tour down the Mississippi River and would also love to go on a port hopping cruise on U.S.A.'s East Coast to visit places like Nantucket.

7. I'm a Survivor. My mother was 42 when she had me, her 9th child. She already had 8 children and was an immigrant living in a Chicago basement apartment. Her doctor told her she was too old to have me, and that I would likely have defects. He tried to scare her into thinking she could die and leave my 8 siblings without a mother. He told her it was in my family's best interest to abort me. Besides, she already had "enough" children. I am grateful to God for being alive. My mother was truly scared because of the fear her doctor put into her, but my father and mother truly stepped up to the plate and defended my life. I am eternally grateful that I was given the chance to live and believe that ALL human beings have the right to be born, no matter how they came to be in existence.

And here's a couple more for good measure!
8. I Love, Love, Love listening to people's stories, and especially enjoy conversion stories of how people of different faith's found the Catholic church as their home. I love listening to the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi while I cook!

9. I love Gypsy Jazz music! It reminds me of laid back summer days spent under the willow tree by the ol' swimming hole!

Blogs that I would like to extend this award to are:
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And Many, Many more! Ok, now back into hibernation I go!

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