Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Important Notice Regarding Montessori Candy

Aghhh! I am having some problems with Google, so my blog domain will temporarily be set up at http://www.montessoricandy.blogspot.com until further notice. Google has many great new products and services coming out one after another, but to me personally, it is all getting a bit confusing! I purchased my domain name through Google, and had no idea they created a separate email account and something called Google apps. Ay caramba! Now I have to try and get a hold of someone at Google to try and help me sort out what happened to montessoricandy.com  Sooo... for now, please use http://www.montessoricandy.blogspot.com

Thank you for your patience, and please pass the word along if you have a blog, facebook, twitter account, etc...

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