Friday, July 8, 2011

Kids, Creativity & Careers

Designed by Mr. D
This is a picture designed by my 8, soon to be 9 year old son in Photo Shop. Aside from designing webpages literally on pages of paper, he is facsinated with cooking, building, as well as being positively obssesed with reading anything and everything. I kid you not. He inspects things like cereal to let us know how many grams of sugar, etc.. are in them, and loves reading manuals for putting things together and to see how they work. He's a great kid with a busy mind and definitely keeps me on my toes.
"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"
So true! Yet it seems the norm in today's society is to let our children watch hours of television daily, not to mention playing video games instead of playing outside or exploring their creativity. I'm not saying that I don't let my children have any screen time, I do, but the hours exploring art mediums, reading and playing outside heavily outweigh time in front of the "b-oob tube". Call it a hunch, but I definitely think that allowing children to explore their inner creativity leaves them feeling more fulfilled and helps to prepare them for their future career. What do you think?

If your child is into design, there is a great new website by the creators of the Design Dossiers series called Kids Think Design, which helps children explore various careers in the field of design. From architect to fashion design, you'll find a lot of fun and information at that site. Check it out!

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